Email delays caused by Office 365 issues (EX648815)


Microsoft have confirmed this incident is now closed. Thank you for your patience.


Microsoft's latest update (at 6.32pm UTC+1) is that the delays are up to 5 hours long now, however we are seeing our queues clearing down, and we hope to see all backed up email delivered in the next few hours.


We are continuing to monitor this, however Microsoft's latest update at 2.32PM GMT+1 is that some customers are experiencing delays of up to 4 hours. More information can be found in the Office 365 status page within the admin area in O365.


We are currently seeing queues on emails inbound and outbound on our service with emails to/from Office 365. This is caused by an issue at Office 365 (issue ID: EX648815) and not an issue in our service. We will queue all email and continue to attempt redelivery, so no email will be lost, however until Microsoft resolve this issue there will continue to be email delays.

We are monitoring the situation, and we will post an update when we see the effects mitigate.

Details on the issue can be found in your Office 365 administrator status page.

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Affected components
  • Email Security
    • Europe
    • North America
    • United Arab Emirates
    • India